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Armand Assante film wins at Gasparilla International Film Festival

Published 04/06/2012


TAMPA, Fla. —"Dialogue From the Steppes," a 27-minute short film written and directed by actor Armand Assante of Campbell Hall, has won the top documentary short prize at this year's Gasparilla International Film Festival.


The film was awarded Best Short Documentary at the festival in Tampa, Fla. Assante received the Career Achievement Award from the festival three years ago.


Assante, who appeared in such films as "Mambo Kings," "Private Benjamin" and "Gotti," owns a farmhouse in Campbell Hall.

A Class Act On/Off The Set - Armand Assante

​Story by Nick Christophers

There are some actors in the film industry that their work speaks for itself. Such actors like Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert DiNero, and James Caan fall into this category. But there is one specific individual who has surpassed not only the American market but has also managed to tap into it internationally. That certain actor is the world renowned and versatile, Armand Assante. He has taken on so many roles and wore just as many hats in the industry, that it is difficult to ignore his contributions to the business.


Armand at first was not as attracted to films as he was to music. As a youth, he was a huge fan of music but especially the drums. His mother Katherine was a music teacher and his father Armand Sr. was an artist.

Hollywood's Tough Guy
Cigar Aficionado

Sometimes," claimed famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, "a cigar is just a cigar." Armand Assante, the 58-year-old gravel-voiced actor best known for playing street-tough wiseguys, steely military officers and gritty, seen-everything police detectives, respectfully disagrees.


For Assante, most recently seen on the big screen in director Ridley Scott's blockbuster drama American Gangster, a cigar is an enforced pause, a break in the conversation and, on occasion, is used as an alternative to pointing a finger.

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